Captain Hook


  • DOB: May 2017
  • Weight: 65 pounds
  • Breed: Mixed (border collie/blue heeler/English pointer)
  • Located: Dallas, TX

Hook’s Story

This dog was found on the side of the road with a hook through his leg around his tendon. He was taken to an emergency vet hospital. After 3 hours of surgery they removed the hook and sewed up the hole. He has recovered nicely and luckily there was no damage to his leg. He has been neutered, he has his shots, he tested negative for heartworm and is microchipped.

Hook is currently looking for his forever home. He needs to be in an active household since he has a lot of energy and needs a lot of attention.  He loves to run and play catch. He needs a lot of training but has already learned a few commands and is eager to learn new tricks.  He is a sweet boy, and needs a family that will love him and appreciate his goofy personality.



  • DOB: 2014
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Breed: Schnauzer mix
  • Located: Dallas, Texas

His Story

 Billy is a love bug that loves to be held. He has soulful eyes that stare deep into your soul. He is currently being fostered with other dogs and he is fine. He is also being fostered with cats. Most of the time he is okay around them, but he definitely wants to chase them. Billy's favorite place to be is on your lap, and if you pick him up he will wrap his arms around you and hold on tightly.

He does get nervous and scared which is why he might not be great around young children. 

Billy is 5 years old, and we are not entirely sure his breed but he weighs 12 lbs. He is microchipped, vaccinated and neutered. 



  • DOB: 2014
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Breed
  • Located: Dallas, Texas

Her Story

Minka is a special needs dog that uses a wheelchair.  We are not entirely sure what happened to cause her to loose the use of her back legs but we assume she was hit by a car and broke her back.  She does try to use her legs, but she just doesn't have the strength (yet).  We are hopeful that she will be able to walk in the future.  She loves to play with other dogs and be outside.  She loves to run and is very active.  She is very sweet and loving and has a strong will to live.


See Minka in action



-DOB: 2007

-BREED: Chihuahua 

-WEIGHT: 3.5lbs


Her Story

 Bellota means acorn in spanish.  This little acorn is as sweet as can be.  She came to us from a shelter in much need of medical care and love.  Bellota has a mammary tumor that has metastasized into her lungs.  Our vet gave her 6-8 months.  We would love to find her a loving home to spend the rest of her senior life.



-DOB: 11/2019

-BREED: Vizsla mix 

-WEIGHT: 13 lbs


Her Story

 We are not 100% sure of this little girl's breed but we are guessing she is some sort of hunting dog.  She is very sweet.  Definitely a lover and not a fighter.  She gets along great with her foster doggie brother and sisters, however she gets beat up by the cat.  She is very active and loves to be outdoors.  She has finally figured out the dog door and we are working on her being fully potty trained.  

Elsa & Anna


-DOB: 11/30/2020

-BREED: Yellow Lab  

-WEIGHT: 3lbs


Their Story

 Elsa and Anna are not quite ready for adoption as they are too young.  Found as strays we are not sure what happened to their mama.  We are bottle feeding them and getting them strong and healthy.  They will be available for adoption this summer.