Winter's Pond


Winter was a maltese owned by our founder, Jennifer Pond.  Winter had a horrible accident one July evening and her back legs became paralyzed.  Jennifer couldn't afford a specialty wheelchair so she purchased PVC pipe and wheels from her local hardware store and made Winter her own wheelchair.  Winter ran around the house and the yard, and seemed very happy with her wheels.  After several months Winter actually gained mobility of her legs again, and eventually didn't need her wheelchair.  Winter lived for another few years before she passed away at 15 years old.


Zombie Cat


Zombie cat was a stray cat that was pretty feral when he first came to us.  He was trapped so that he could be neutered, but we quickly found out that he had been shot.  We also discovered that he is missing many of his teeth and his ears were damaged by an over infestation of ear mites.  He also had a horrible skin reaction to fleas.



Summer showed up one day at our founders house.  Her eyes were crusted shut and she doesn't have many teeth.  She is a 4.5 lb maltese that is about 15 years old.  She is currently being treated for a scratched cornea but she is doing well for an old lady.  

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We know that finding adopters for special needs pets is difficult.  These pets require a lot of medical attention.  If you would like to help by sponsoring one of these pets, please help us by donating.  Any amount is greatly appreciated. 

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