Lost & Found

We hold all of our stray animals, regardless of age/breed for seven (7) days.  For animals with microchips or ID tags we try to locate the owners within 24 hours.  We post stray animals on our social media and various lost and found websites as well.  After our 7 day hold we will put the animals up for adoption.

If you have lost your pet, please contact local shelters and rescues.  You should also post on social media and various online sites.  Pet Harbor is a good online resource to help you find a missing pet.


The state of Texas does not have any animal holding laws, however, local authorities are delegated the authority to enact a holding period law.  We are in compliance with the rules set by the Dallas City Council as found on their website and we make more of an effort to locate owners than local shelters.  

Dallas City Animal Hold Times

  • Hold times for animals with identification has been reduced from ten (10) days to five (5) days. This change is in line with data that shows the likelihood of reclaiming diminishes greatly after the 3rd day, and is also in line with other Texas cities.  

  • Puppies and Kittens under six (6) months can immediately be placed.